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Do You need To Keep Practicing NLP?

A bit like you, I wondered whether the positive effects of learning NLP would stay with me.  I'd been on lots of courses in my life and very little of the learning had actually stuck.  In my work in the corporate world, many people tell me about training courses they've attended which were fun at the time, but didn't have a long term impact on them or the way they lived or worked.

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is different.

Because you learn by experiencing NLP for yourself, your brain retains the new way of thinking whether you realise it or not.

Because of the way NLP is taught, often unconsciously through storytelling, metaphor, analogy and state change, you retain information without consciously realising it.

Yes, there are things you can learn in a more traditional way in NLP, but this is really only relevant to those people, like me who go on to train others in NLP.

For everyone who wants to learn NLP to improve their lives in work, at home and elsewhere, you simply need to relax, open your mind and enjoy the experience.


During our 7-Day NLP Licensed Practitioner and NLP Licensed Master Practitioner courses, we, at The Scottish Institute of NLP make sure you enjoy your experience.  There's always lots of laughter, loads of fun and plenty of experiences that make you feel fantastic throughout the week.

Everyone joins in and because there is no content in NLP tools or techniques (you keep all your inner most thoughts to yourself), improving how you experience the world around you is faster and easier than other change programmes.

Here in Edinburgh, we run Scottish Institute of NLP Taster Nights and Practice Nights, which means you can get together with other NLPers and practice your skills if you like.

We also ask some students from our courses to come back and assist us on future courses, so they get to do the course again for free.

If you're attending one of our NLP courses for purely personal change and development, then we advise you to continue your learning by joining us on one of our NLP Practice Nights.

If you want to learn NLP to use it to coach or use it in the type of training  you deliver, then we advise you attending both NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses and renewing your license every two years.

All of this is up to you because as we all know, practice makes perfect.

    Rebecca Bonnington    

Rebecca Bonnington and Colette Grant both train with Dr Richard Bandler, the genius behind NLP and the LaValle's in the USA and London.  Together, Rebecca and Colette run The Scottish Institute of NLP, maintaining the highest standards of training and continually developing their own skills.  They teach NLP the way Bandler designed it to be taught and are both Licensed by The Society of NLP, the only NLP association endorsed by Dr Richard Bandler himself.

Colette Grant is a Master Business Practitioner and Master Bodywork Practitioner of NLP as well as a Licensed Trainer.  Rebecca Bonnington has a Master's degree in Coaching and is also a Master Practitioner of NLP and a Licensed Trainer.

Come and learn NLP with Colette and Rebecca, simply click on to learn more and book your place.

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